eRank vs Marmalead: Which SEO Tool is Best for Your Needs?

Are you an Etsy seller looking for the perfect SEO tool to optimize your shop and boost sales? Look no further! In this blog post, we’ll dive deep into the world of eRank vs. Marmalead, two Etsy SEO tools designed to cater to your needs.

By the end of this post, you’ll have a comprehensive understanding of their features, user experience, pricing, and real-life success stories, helping you decide which tool is best for your Etsy business.

Best Overall


  • Excellent value for the features included
  • Robust audit tools that provide in-depth insights
  • Provides keyword data for search engines beyond Etsy.


  • May appear daunting to individuals new to SEO

Best for Beginners


  • Exceptionally user-friendly
  • Offers an incredible user experience with color-coded data metrics
  • Provides easily comprehensible and thorough audit reports.


  • Priced at twice the cost of eRank but with fewer features

Key Takeaways

Understanding eRank and Marmalead

Etsy sellers always look for ways to improve their shop’s visibility and increase sales. Enter two of the most excellent Etsy Search Engine Optimization tools, eRank and Marmalead, tailored specifically for Etsy.

Both tools offer a range of features to improve your Etsy SEO, like keyword research, competition analysis, and sales tracking.

While eRank provides a more in-depth analysis of technical SEO and offers more features than Marmalead, Marmalead is perfect for beginners looking to optimize their Etsy listings with its user-friendly interface and keyword suggestions.

Having introduced these two Etsy keyword tools, we’ll now look into their features and compare their strengths and weaknesses.

Features Showdown: ERank vs. Marmalead

Regarding features, both eRank and Marmalead have a lot to offer. Both eRank and Marmalead offer a wide range of tools and features to assist Etsy sellers with keyword research, SEO optimization, and competitor analysis. However, there are some differences:

  • eRank offers more in-depth keyword analysis, including seasonality and forecasting, while Marmalead focuses on actual search volume and engagement.
  • Marmalead provides pricing analysis to help sellers determine competitive price points, which is unavailable in eRank.
  • Marmalead offers more bulk analysis tools, including Bulk Rank Checker and Bulk Keyword Tool, which can help manage many listings.
  • Marmalead provides tools for inventory management and tracking delivery and shipping status.
  • eRank includes features like a Color Thesaurus and Entrepreneur’s Course Library, unavailable in Marmalead.
  • Marmalead offers hashtag generation for social media integration.
  • eRank offers the top 100 ranking for global (and regional) Etsy sellers and in-depth competitor audits, which are very powerful. In addition, valuable tools like ROI calculator or profit calculator.

Ultimately, the choice between eRank and Marmalead may depend on your specific needs and preferences, as both tools have unique strengths and capabilities.

We’ll now delve into the specifics of each tool to compare their functionalities in a head-to-head match, ensuring you have all the tools needed for an informed decision.

Keyword Research Capabilities

For Etsy sellers, keyword research is indispensable, and both eRank and Marmalead shine in this aspect.

However, while both tools offer accurate and user-friendly keyword research, eRank is more effective when it comes to finding profitable keywords.

While eRank is better suited for finding profitable keywords, Marmalead can still be useful for Etsy keyword research.

Listing Optimization Tools

Listing optimization is another key aspect of Etsy SEO, and both eRank and Marmalead provide excellent tools to help you evaluate and improve your listings.

Marmalead’s Etsy Listing Optimization Tool offers a grade for your product, indicating how well it’s optimized and useful information about searches, engagement, and search results for each tag used in a product listing.

eRank, on the other hand, offers a product research tool to help identify the best relevant keywords to use in your listing, along with a listing critique and comparison tool providing valuable feedback on how to improve, considering other search engines as well.

eRank and Marmalead provide distinctive listing optimization features that can be highly beneficial.

Utilizing these tools effectively will help ensure your listings are primed for success and differentiate from competitors.

Competition Analysis

For any Etsy seller, getting to know their competition is key. eRank and Marmalead offer valuable insights into competitors’ listings, prices, and tags.

By analyzing this information, you can identify areas where you can outperform your competitors and gain an edge in the market.

Another tool worth mentioning is Sale Samurai, which offers a Chrome extension that quickly gives you keyword search volume while browsing Etsy and a dashboard with even more insights.

Its competition analysis tool allows you to take a look at how your competition is doing and what keywords they’re using.

By combining real search volume with the insights from eRank, Marmalead, and Sale Samurai, you can stay ahead of the competition and continuously improve your Etsy shop with the help of an Etsy keyword research tool.

Trend Tracking and Prediction

Trend tracking is imperative for Etsy sellers, and both eRank and Marmalead provide features that help keep you updated on popular trends.

Marmalead’s Trending section provides insights about popular products, while eRank Boost can help you gain more visibility in search results.

However, it’s important to note that Marmalead relies on Pinterest trends to predict what’s popular on Etsy, which might not always accurately reflect Etsy shopper behavior.

Despite this limitation, eRank and Marmalead’s trend tracking and prediction features can still provide valuable insights to help you stay ahead of the curve and capitalize on popular trends in the Etsy marketplace.

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User Experience: eRank vs. Marmalead

Regarding user experience, both eRank and Marmalead bring to the table interfaces that are user-friendly and intuitively designed.

eRank provides a wealth of analytics and advice that can be intimidating or exciting for sellers, depending on their experience level.

Marmalead, on the other hand, is perfect for beginners with its user-friendly interface and simple design. For someone just starting out with SEO, we recommend beginning with Marmalead and investing a bit more money in its features before transitioning to eRank as you gain confidence and experience.

Ultimately, the choice between eRank and Marmalead will depend on your individual needs and preferences, as well as your level of experience with SEO.

Pricing Comparison: eRank and Marmalead


Two etsy sellers using eRank and Marmalead to increase their sales

When it comes to pricing, eRank offers a range of plans, including a free option and three paid plans, with prices starting at $5.99/month for the basic package and going up to $29.99/month for the Expert package, which includes access to trending keywords and other advanced features.

Features per paid plan

FeaturesBasic Plan ($5.99/month)Pro Plan ($9.99/month)Expert Plan ($29.99/month)
Shop SizeUp to 200 active listingsUp to 4,000 active listingsUp to 5,000 active listings
Connected Shops5 connected shops10 connected shops100 connected shop
Keyword Tool100 lookups/day200 lookups/day500 lookups/day
Listing Audit50 lookups/day200 lookups/day500 lookups/day
Rank Checker25 lookups/day50 lookups/day100 lookups/day
Competition Tracker5 shops50 shops200 shops
Trend BuzzYesYesYes
Traffic Stats5 keywordsNo limitNo Limit
Keyword Lists25 lists50 lists100 lists
Delivery StatusYesYesYes
Top Sellers200 lookups/day300 lookups/day1000 lookups/day
Listing ChangesTrack 5 listingsTrack 20 listingsTrack 50 listings
Bulk Keyword Tool25 lookups/day50 lookups/day100 lookups/day
Monitor Tool5 terms20 terms20 terms


Marmalead, on the other hand, does not offer a free plan, but only one plan called Entrepreneur, which costs $19/month.

Features included in the Entrepreneur plan from Marmalead

BrainstormProvides the Top 10 searches for yesterday, the last 7 days, and the last 30 days.
Storm ToolGenerates keyword suggestions and scores them with MarmaMeters.
Similar SearchesDisplays similar actual searches and their MarmaMeter scores.
Actual Search VolumeProvides access to actual search volume data for keywords.
Actual EngagementOffers information on listing views generated by specific keywords.
MarmaMetersMeasures search volume, engagement, and competition in a user-friendly format.
Keyword SeasonalityShows historical data on keyword interest fluctuations over a year.
Keyword ForecastingPredicts how a keyword is likely to perform in the future.
Compare Keywords Side by SideAllows for side-by-side keyword comparison using MarmaMeters.
Pricing InsightsProvides pricing information to help sellers stay competitive.
Keep Up to DateKeeps sellers informed about the best-performing keywords.
Listing GradingAssigns letter grades to listings based on various factors.
SEO and Sales FactorsEvaluates SEO and sales factors to improve listing performance.
Listing OptimizationAssists in optimizing listings for better visibility and sales.
Multi-Shop SupportAllows users to connect and manage multiple Etsy shops securely.
Access to Course LibraryProvides unlimited access to an Entrepreneur’s Course Library.

Final thoughts

Both eRank and Marmalead offer value for your money, with eRank providing more feature-packed plans, while Marmalead is simpler to use and utilizes machine learning to offer unique insights.

Ultimately, your choice will depend on your budget and the specific features you need to optimize your Etsy shop.

Success Stories: Real-life Examples of eRank and Marmalead Users

Both eRank and Marmalead users have seen success in improving their Etsy shop rankings and boosting sales. There is doubt that these two tools can significantly improve your sales, but let’s see how real customers feel about these tools.

Here are a few positive comments for eRank.

Here are a few positive comments for Marmalead.

These success stories demonstrate the potential of eRank and Marmalead to significantly impact your Etsy business, improving visibility and driving sales.

Third-Party Integrations: How eRank and Marmalead Work with Other Tools

eRank and Marmalead integrate with popular tools and platforms like social media, email marketing, and analytics, simplifying data management and performance analysis.

Integrating these tools with eRank and Marmalead can provide a holistic view of your SEO performance and highlight improvement areas.

In addition, using eRank and Marmalead alongside other tools can help you save time and energy, as you’ll have access to multiple data sources in one place.

By leveraging these integrations, you can streamline your Etsy business and focus on what truly matters – creating and selling amazing handmade products.

Customer Support and Resources

Regarding customer support and resources, eRank and Marmalead offer robust solutions. Some of the support and resources provided by Marmalead include:

  • Help centers
  • Tutorials
  • Community forums
  • Podcasts
  • Blog posts

These resources are designed to ensure you have all the support and resources you need.

eRank, on the other hand, provides customer support through helpful articles, a contact form, and a dedicated customer service manager to help with any questions you may have.

In addition, eRank offers resources and tools to help you improve your shop and provide better customer service.


In conclusion, eRank and Marmalead are powerful Search Engine Optimization tools with unique features and benefits.

eRank offers more comprehensive features, while Marmalead is more user-friendly and perfect for beginners.

In this article, we have highlighted the strongest features of each tool, and ultimately, the decision as to which is best depends on your individual needs, budget, and preferences.

Consider all aspects carefully, but one thing is certain: if you sell on Etsy, you need to invest time and resources to get ahead of the competition, and these two tools will definitely help you in this regard.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Which is better, Marmalead or eRank?

eRank is the clear winner in technical SEO analysis, offering a broader range of features than Marmalead.

eRank can spot one-word tags within your listings, track changes after you’ve made SEO edits and more.

What is better than eRank?

Ahrefs is a superior SEO tool compared to eRank. It allows you to rank higher, get more visitors, and includes free learning materials and support.

All in all, Ahrefs is a trusted and popular choice for digital marketers around the globe.

Is eRank useful for Etsy?

eRank provides free tools and information to help sellers improve their ranking on Etsy, resulting in more views and increased sales.

It is one of the best SEO tools in the market for market research and listing optimization, making it highly beneficial for anyone looking to succeed on the platform.

Is there a free version of Marmalead?

Marmalead is a popular Etsy SEO keyword tool, but it’s quite costly, with a $19/month fee for monthly payments or a discounted $15.83/month fee if you pay yearly. There is a 14-day free trial available to test it out though.

Which Tool Offers Better Keyword Research Capabilities?

Both eRank and Mamalead offer research functionalities, but their approaches may vary.

eRank is known for its comprehensive keyword analysis and tracking tools, while Mamalead may focus more on long-tail keyword suggestions and competitive analysis.

The choice between them depends on your specific needs and preferences.

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