6 Best Monitor Light Bars to Buy in 2024

In an era where technology is seamlessly integrated into our daily lives, the importance of a good monitor setup cannot be overstated. Here, we review the 6 best monitor light bars to improve the quality of your workspace for maximum efficiency and comfort.

One often overlooked aspect is lighting, which can significantly affect your overall experience. This is where monitor light bars come into play, providing a targeted and adjustable lighting solution that can transform your workspace.

Best monitor light bars to buy in 2024

When it comes to choosing the best monitor light bar for your needs, there’s a plethora of options available on the market.

To help you make an informed decision, we’ve compiled a detailed list of the top monitor light bars in 2024.

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Xiaomi Mi

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Detailed List Of The Best Monitor Light Bars

  1. Baseus Monitor Light Bar: If you’re looking for a budget-friendly yet efficient option, the Baseus Monitor Light Bar is a solid choice. It offers even illumination with adjustable color temperature and brightness settings to reduce eye strain during long work hours.
  2. BenQ ScreenBar Monitor Light: Known as the all-rounder, the BenQ ScreenBar Monitor Light is designed to fit various monitor sizes and provides consistent, glare-free lighting. Its smart ambient light sensor adjusts brightness automatically, ensuring optimal illumination in any environment.
  3. MELIFO L1-Plus Light Bar: Another excellent budget option is the MELIFO L1-Plus Light Bar. It offers a sleek design, adjustable color temperature, and USB-powered convenience, making it suitable for various setups.
  4. MELIFO Curved Monitor Light Bar: If you have a curved monitor, the MELIFO Curved Monitor Light Bar is tailored to fit its unique shape. It provides uniform lighting across the curved screen, reducing shadows and enhancing your visual experience.
  5. WILLED Light Bar: The WILLED Light Bar boasts a minimalist design and easy installation process. With its touch-sensitive controls, you can effortlessly adjust brightness and color temperature according to your preferences.
  6. Xiaomi Mi Computer Monitor Light Bar: Xiaomi’s offering combines style and functionality. Its modern aesthetics and adjustable lighting make it an excellent choice for those who prioritize both form and function.
  7. BenQ ScreenBar Halo: If you’re looking for a premium option, the BenQ ScreenBar Halo delivers exceptional lighting quality and versatility. Its asymmetrical optical design ensures balanced illumination, and the built-in ambient light sensor adjusts the lighting according to your surroundings.

Things to keep in mind before buying a monitor light bar

Before making a purchase, there are a few key factors to consider:

  • Monitor Compatibility: Ensure that the light bar is compatible with your monitor’s size and shape. Some models are specifically designed for curved monitors, while others are more versatile.
  • Installation: Look for a light bar with an easy and clutter-free setup process. Ideally, it should attach securely to your monitor without causing any damage.
  • Lighting Control: Adjustable brightness and color temperature settings are essential for creating a comfortable workspace tailored to your preferences.
  • Effect on Eye Strain: A good monitor light bar should reduce eye strain by providing even and non-glaring lighting. This is particularly important during extended work or gaming sessions.
  • Aesthetics: Consider the design of the light bar and how it complements your monitor and workspace. Aesthetics play a role in creating an enjoyable and visually pleasing setup.

Investing in a quality monitor light bar can significantly enhance your workspace and overall computing experience.

From budget-friendly options like the Baseus Monitor Light Bar to premium choices like the BenQ ScreenBar Halo, there’s a light bar for every need and preference.

Remember to prioritize factors like compatibility, ease of installation, and adjustable lighting settings to make the most of your purchase.

Best Budget Monitor Light Bar: Baseus Monitor Light Bar

Are you looking for an affordable option? We highly suggest the Baseus monitor light bar!

In this digital age, our screens play a pivotal role in our daily lives, but the constant exposure to screen glare and flickering can take a toll on our eyes.

However, there’s a solution on the horizon that takes care of your visual well-being and maximizes your workspace efficiency – the Baseus Monitor Light Bar.

This USB-powered monitor lamp has impressive features that promise to revolutionize your computing experience.

Let’s dive into the pros and cons of this innovative addition to your workspace.


  1. Eye-Friendly Illumination: The unique design of the Baseus Monitor Light Bar focuses its light on your keyboard and desktop, keeping screen glare and flicker at bay. Unlike conventional desk lamps that can strain your eyes, this lamp is all about preserving your eye health, ensuring you can work and study comfortably for longer periods.
  2. Tailored Lighting: With the ability to adjust brightness seamlessly and choose from three color temperature options (warm white, neutral white, and cool white), this lamp lets you create the perfect lighting setup for different tasks. You can set the mood whether you’re working, reading, or unwinding.
  3. Maximized Workspace: The brilliance of the Baseus Monitor Light Bar lies in its innovative design that clamps onto the top of your monitor. This adds a touch of sleekness to your setup and frees up a significant amount of desk space. In fact, compared to traditional desk lamps, this design saves an impressive 90% of your desk real estate.
  4. Versatile Compatibility: The monitor light bar is designed to accommodate flat monitors with varying thicknesses, from 0.3 to 0.8 inches. It can be powered by your computer, USB hub, wall charger, or similar sources. Including a 5-foot USB-A to USB-C cable adds a practical touch to the package.


  1. Limited Power Options: While the Baseus Monitor Light Bar offers simplicity by relying on a USB port or a 5V=1A adapter for power, it’s worth noting that this restricts your power source choices. Without a compatible power supply, there’s a potential risk of damaging the light.

Product information:

Final thoughts:

The Baseus Monitor Light Bar promises to be a guardian for your eyes, a savvy space-saver, and a mood-setter for your workspace.

While it comes with an array of benefits, its reliance on specific power options could be a minor hiccup for some users.

Nevertheless, armed with the Baseus Monitor Light Bar, you’re on track to elevate your digital experience with enhanced comfort and style.

Best Monitor Light Bar All-Rounder: BenQ Screenbar Monitor Light

Second on our list, we have the BenQ ScreenBar Monitor Light, which is making quite a buzz.

This innovative gadget doesn’t just promise to level up your focus and immersion; it’s designed to create a cozy lighting atmosphere for various activities like intense gaming in the dark, reading, watching videos, or even working in your office space.

Keep reading as we dive into the pros and cons of the BenQ ScreenBar Monitor Light, uncovering its unique features that might redefine how you experience lighting in your workspace.


  1. Adaptable Illumination: Its versatility makes the BenQ ScreenBar Monitor Light stand out. It’s not just about basic lighting; it’s engineered to excel in different scenarios. Whether battling virtual foes in a dimly lit room, engrossed in a novel, binge-watching your favorite shows, or hustling at work, this light has your back. Its ability to adapt ensures you get the right lighting for the task, which can significantly boost both your efficiency and your comfort.
  2. Smart Ambient Light Sensing: The built-in ambient light sensor is a real gem. It’s like having a personal lighting assistant. It quickly figures out how bright your surroundings are and adjusts the lighting accordingly. This isn’t just about preventing eye strain; it’s about creating an environment that’s kind to your eyes and helps you stay productive. And if you’re the hands-on type, you can still tweak the lighting manually using the touch controls.
  3. Customized Hue for Every Mood: Imagine having the power to set the mood through your lighting. That’s precisely what the BenQ ScreenBar Monitor Light offers. You can dial in the warmth or coolness of the light, tailor-fitting it to what you’re doing. Need a cozy vibe for winding down? Go for warm light. Need to get stuff done? Opt for the cooler light that boosts focus. It’s like having your own personal lighting genie.
  4. Banishing Glare: Screen glare is the bane of any workspace. But fear not! The BenQ ScreenBar Monitor Light comes to the rescue with its clever optical design. Only illuminating your desk, not your screen, nips that reflective glare issue in the bud. This means a glare-free, comfortable zone where you can get things done without battling annoying light reflections.
  5. Clever Space Optimization: One thing that’s always in short supply on a desk is space. Enter the genius clip design of the BenQ ScreenBar Monitor Light. It sidesteps the need for a base by neatly attaching to the top of your monitor. This keeps your desk tidy and gives you more room to breathe. Who doesn’t love a little extra space to spread out?


  1. Monitor Placement Consideration: While the clip design is a neat space-saving trick, it does come with a caveat. You’ll want to ensure your monitor allows for the clip’s placement on top. If your monitor’s design doesn’t align well, you might need to think creatively about where to put it.

Product information:

Final thoughts:

In a nutshell, the BenQ ScreenBar Monitor Light is a game-changer for workspace lighting.

With its adaptability, intelligent sensing, customizable hues, and ingenious space-saving approach, it’s ready to redefine how you experience light during work and play.

While its effectiveness might vary based on your monitor’s setup, its benefits – from banishing glare to offering versatile illumination – make it a strong contender for anyone seeking an ergonomic and efficient lighting solution for their workspace.

Best Budget Monitor Light Bar – MELIFO L1-Plus Light Bar

Enter the Dual-Control Monitor Light, a game-changer equipped with a unique dual-control feature that promises unparalleled convenience.

With a mechanical switch on the lamp itself and the added functionality of a remote control, this monitor light redefines how you interact with your lighting.

So, let’s dive into the merits and drawbacks of the Dual-Control Monitor Light, uncovering its distinct attributes that aim to revolutionize how you illuminate your workspace.


  1. The Power of Dual Control: Its ingenious dual control function sets the Dual-Control Monitor Light apart. Not only can you tweak settings through the mechanical switch on the lamp’s side, but you can also effortlessly manage it via remote control. This dual control versatility makes adjusting your lighting an intuitive and user-friendly experience. And if you operate with dual screens, the convenience of using a single remote control to manage two lights simultaneously is an added boon, streamlining your workspace management.
  2. Bid Farewell to Glare with Precision: The scientific optical design of the Dual-Control Monitor Light is engineered to be gentle on your eyes and your screen. By focusing its light solely on the keyboard area, it successfully eliminates those bothersome reflections on your screen. Furthermore, its absence of harsh blue light doesn’t just enhance eye comfort; it’s also a remedy for those marathon work or gaming sessions, reducing eye fatigue.
  3. Dimming Made Effortless with Memory: The Dual-Control Monitor Light offers seamless and continuous brightness and color temperature adjustments. This translates to complete control over your lighting atmosphere, allowing you to transition between warm, cozy glows and cool, crisp illuminations until you find your sweet spot. An intelligent memory function further elevates the experience, as the light recalls your preferred brightness and lighting mode from your last use, sparing you the need for manual resetting.
  4. Juiced Up via USB: Powering up the Dual-Control Monitor Light is as easy as plugging in a USB connection. Whether it’s drawing energy from your computer, a mobile power source, a power adapter, or any other USB-enabled device, this versatility ensures a hassle-free experience. This aspect makes it adaptable and well-suited for a wide range of setups.
  5. Champion of Space Economy: Securely clipping onto the top of your monitor, the Dual-Control Monitor Light is designed with efficiency in mind. Occupying minimal real estate on your desk offers you the gift of extra space to maneuver, create, and organize. This quality makes it an ideal companion for both office workstations and home desks.


  1. Remote Reliance Considerations: While the remote control functionality adds convenience, it’s important to ensure the remote remains functional and accessible. Relying solely on the remote might pose a minor hiccup if it’s misplaced or encounters technical glitches.

Product information:

Final thoughts:

To sum it up, the Dual-Control Monitor Light emerges as a captivating addition to the realm of workspace lighting solutions.

Its dual control capabilities, glare-eradicating optics, seamless dimming features, USB-powered flexibility, and adept space-saving design present a compelling option for those seeking to optimize their workspace illumination.

While the dependency on the remote control warrants a thought, its benefits – from enhanced eye comfort to heightened workspace efficiency – make it a contender that deserves a spot in your workspace upgrade considerations.

Best Curved Monitor Light Bar: MELIFO Curved Monitor Light Bar

Have you ever wondered if monitor lights work on curved monitors? Absolutely!

This is where the Melifo Curved Monitor Light comes in – a sleek addition that promises to enhance your experience.

With its modern design and wide compatibility, this monitor light isn’t just limited to gaming; it holds potential for various applications.

Let’s explore the perks and potential downsides of the Melifo Curved Monitor Light, uncovering its unique features that could reshape your gaming/working environment.


  1. Enhanced Gaming Ambiance: The Gaming Monitor Light’s elegant and modern design is tailor-made to elevate your gaming setup. Its versatile compatibility means it can seamlessly fit a variety of displays, enriching your gaming experience and pulling you deeper into the virtual realm.
  2. Bid Farewell to Screen Glare: Thanks to its scientific optical design, the Gaming Monitor Light tackles a common gaming woe – screen glare. By focusing its light solely on the keyboard area and eliminating reflective glare, it ensures a distraction-free gaming experience. Plus, the added bonus of zero blue light emission safeguards your eyesight and reduces eye strain during marathon gaming sessions.
  3. Smooth Dimming and Smart Memory: The Gaming Monitor Light’s standout feature is its stepless brightness and color temperature adjustments. This means you have complete control over the lighting, allowing you to transition effortlessly between cold and warm light until you discover your preferred setting. The intelligent memory function adds to the convenience saving your chosen brightness and lighting mode from your previous use so you don’t have to reset it every time.
  4. Powered by USB: Convenience is key, and the Gaming Monitor Light delivers with its USB power supply. Plug the USB into your computer, power adapter, mobile power supply, or any USB-enabled device, and you’re good to go. This flexibility not only streamlines the process but also offers options for power sources.
  5. Saver of Desk Space: The Gaming Monitor Light is designed to snugly fit atop your monitor, making it a master of space optimization. By staying off your desk’s surface, it not only adds to the aesthetics but also frees up valuable desk space. Its adaptability makes it suitable for both office and home setups.


  1. Monitor Compatibility Check: While the Gaming Monitor Light boasts wide compatibility, ensuring your specific monitor’s design aligns with the light’s positioning is vital. Compatibility concerns might crop up if your monitor doesn’t sync well with the light’s placement.

Product information:

Final thoughts:

The Gaming Monitor Light is a promising companion for gaming enthusiasts, offering a bundle of benefits and a minor point to consider.

Its ability to enrich your gaming ambiance, eradicate screen glare, provide customizable lighting, and save space caters to essential aspects of a stellar gaming experience. However, being mindful of your monitor’s compatibility is key.

As you embark on your gaming quests, the Gaming Monitor Light could be a game-changing addition in pursuing an enhanced and enjoyable gaming journey.

Quntis Monitor Light Bar PRO+

Here comes the Quntis ScreenLinear PRO+ Monitor Light, which steps into the spotlight, promising to revolutionize your lighting experience.

With its intelligent remote control and various ingenious features, this monitor light aims to cater to diverse needs.

Let’s delve into the advantages and points to consider about the Quntis ScreenLinear PRO+ Monitor Light, uncovering its unique attributes that hold the potential to redefine how you illuminate your workspace.


  1. Intuitive Control with Smart Remote: With the Quntis ScreenLinear PRO+, you’re equipped with an intuitive remote control that offers multifunctional capabilities. This ingenious remote allows you to smoothly rotate for stepless dimming, adjust brightness, and fine-tune color temperature across a wide spectrum (3000K-6500K, CRI95). Whether you’re a student, a creative designer, or a business professional, this remote puts the power of perfect lighting right at your fingertips on your desktop.
  2. Adapting to Various Monitors: The Quntis ScreenLinear PRO+ boasts an upgraded weighted clip designed to ensure stable placement without wobbling. Its innovative double adjustment cover accommodates monitors with thicknesses ranging from 0.12” to 2.36”. The addition of a 45° adjustable rotation angle adds versatility, letting you achieve optimal light coverage. Note: The package includes two hex keys to secure the hinges of the lamp for enhanced stability.
  3. Reducing Glare & Enhancing Eye Comfort: Crafted with a 45° angled asymmetrical optical design, the curved monitor light bar is engineered to illuminate only your desk and keyboard. This meticulous design enhances focus and immersion and effectively eliminates the bothersome screen glare on both sides of the monitor lamp bar. By reducing reflective glare and flicker, the Quntis ScreenLinear PRO+ contributes to a comfortable viewing experience, ensuring your eyes stay refreshed and free from fatigue.
  4. Smart Automation & Rest Reminders: The Quntis ScreenLinear PRO+ Monitor Light comes equipped with a built-in ambient light sensor, simplifying the process of finding your preferred illumination level. A quick double click on the controller adjusts the light to match your workspace’s comfort level. Additionally, a 3-second press activates the 2-hour auto-off timer mode, serving as a helpful reminder to take breaks and rest your eyes after prolonged screen exposure.
  5. Professional Desk Lamp & Premium Support: The extended 20-inch version of the Quntis computer monitor light bar is USB-powered and thoughtfully designed to sit atop curved or ultrawide monitors, making the most of your desk space. With an illuminance level of ≥1200lux, this monitor light is an ideal companion for home office setups. Furthermore, the Quntis Monitor Light has earned certification for meeting the IEC62778 anti-blue light standards. The package includes a welcome guide and friendly customer support to assist you.


  1. Dependency on Remote Control: While the smart remote control offers convenience, its importance for adjusting settings might require consideration. Ensuring the remote remains functional and within reach is vital to utilizing the customization features fully.

Product information:

Final thoughts:

In conclusion, the Quntis ScreenLinear PRO+ Monitor Light presents itself as a contender in the realm of workspace lighting solutions.

With its intelligent remote control, adaptability to various monitors, glare-reducing optics, intelligent automation, and ergonomic design, it addresses essential aspects of optimal workspace lighting.

While being mindful of the remote control’s significance, the benefits it offers – from eye comfort to user-friendly customization – make it a contender for transforming your workspace into a well-illuminated and visually inviting haven.

Xiaomi Mi computer monitor light bar

Introducing the Xiaomi Mi Computer Monitor Light Bar – a versatile addition that promises to revolutionize your lighting experience.

By elegantly attaching to the top of your monitor, it offers the dual advantage of ease and space-saving.

Let’s delve into the advantages and disadvantages of the Xiaomi Mi Computer Monitor Light Bar, uncovering its distinctive features that aim to redefine your workspace illumination.


  1. Effortless Integration and Space Optimization: The Mi Computer Monitor Light Bar seamlessly attaches to the top of your monitor, ensuring a hassle-free installation that doesn’t infringe on your precious desktop space. This strategic placement streamlines your setup and opens up a world of new lighting possibilities, enhancing your overall workspace ambiance.
  2. Glare-Free Comfort with Polished Design: The custom-made optical glass and meticulously textured Mi Computer Monitor Light Bar hood offer a game-changing advantage – a glare-free experience. The asymmetric polished design ensures that screen reflections become a thing of the past, allowing you to engage in extended work sessions without the nuisance of glare hindering your productivity.
  3. True Color Representation with High Ra95 Index: The Mi Computer Monitor Light Bar boasts an impressive color rendering index of up to Ra95, translating to vivid, true-to-life colors and intricate details. This high level of color accuracy ensures your work is depicted in its full natural glory, elevating your visual experience. The added benefit of being flicker-free reduces eye fatigue, even during prolonged use.
  4. Customizable Color and Brightness: With adjustable color temperature and brightness settings, the Mi Computer Monitor Light Bar offers unparalleled freedom in tailoring your lighting to suit your preferences. The included remote control employs a 2.4-GHz wireless connection, providing convenience at your fingertips. This feature empowers you to create the perfect lighting environment, whether you’re engaged in focused work or simply unwinding.
  5. Automated Magic with USB Type-C Port: Including a USB Type-C port proves to be a thoughtful touch. When connected to your computer, the Mi Computer Monitor Light Bar springs to life automatically when your computer powers on. This automated synchronization ensures that your lighting experience is seamless and hassle-free.


  1. Remote Control Dependency: While the remote control offers convenience, the dependency on this device for adjusting settings might pose a minor concern. Ensuring the remote remains functional and within reach is crucial to leverage the customization features fully.

Product information:

Final thoughts:

In conclusion, the Mi Computer Monitor Light Bar emerges as a promising addition to the realm of workspace illumination.

Its integration ease, glare-free design, accurate color representation, customization options, and thoughtful USB Type-C functionality address key aspects of optimal lighting. While the reliance on the remote control deserves consideration, its benefits – from eye comfort to enhanced aesthetics – make it a contender for transforming your workspace into an ergonomic and visually appealing haven.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Monitor Light Bars

Q: Can I Repair A Damaged Monitor Light Bar?

While some minor issues might be fixable, contacting the manufacturer’s customer support for repair guidance is generally recommended.

Attempting to repair a damaged monitor light bar yourself could void the warranty or lead to further damage.

Q: What Are Some Other Benefits Offered By Using A Monitor Light?

Aside from the direct benefits to your eyes and workspace, using a monitor light can also positively impact your overall mood and well-being.

Proper lighting has been linked to improved mood and reduced stress levels, contributing to a healthier and more enjoyable work or gaming environment.

Q: Which Monitor Light Bar Is Best For You?

The best monitor light bar for you depends on your specific needs and preferences. Consider factors such as your monitor size, workspace setup, and lighting requirements.

Whether you prioritize affordability, aesthetics, or premium features, there’s a monitor light bar that suits your style.

Q: Are Monitor Light Bars Worth Buying?

Certainly! Monitor light bars are worth buying as they reduce eye strain, enhance aesthetics, improve productivity, and benefit creative professionals and gamers.

They offer ambient lighting, accurate color representation, and modern aesthetics to your workspace.

Q: Are Monitor Light Bars Good For Gaming?

Yes, monitor light bars can be beneficial for gamers as well. They provide consistent lighting that reduces glare and shadows on the screen, allowing for a more immersive gaming experience.

Moreover, the reduced eye strain can help gamers stay focused and alert during extended gaming sessions.

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