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Are you curious about the latest innovations that are changing how we put our thoughts on record? How about staying organized without losing the personal touch of handwriting? Look no further. In this post, we’re reviewing the 6 best digital notepads, handpicking the ultimate contenders that have taken 2024 by storm.

Whether you’re a creative soul searching for the perfect canvas or a student searching for seamless note-taking, we’ve got you covered. Let’s check them out together and discover the best options out there.

What are the best digital writing pads?

Best Overall


Best Digital Notepads - Kindle Scribe

Price: $356.99

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Cheap & Simple


Best Digital Notepads - Rocketbook Pro 2.0

Price: $60

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Second Best


Best Digital Notepads - BOOX

Price: $449.99

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Best Digital Notepads - Moleskine

Price: $99.50

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Boogie Board

Best Digital Notepads - Boogie Board

Price: $44.99

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The Slate 2

Best Digital Notepads - The Slate 2

Price: $115

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What to consider when buying a digital notepad

Thinking about stepping into the realm of digital notepads? Before you make your choice, let’s take a closer look at what you should keep in mind to find your perfect match.

Here’s a guide to help you navigate through the decision-making process:

  1. Choosing the Right Display: Are you more inclined towards the classic feel of e-ink or the vibrant visuals of LCD/LED displays? Does the writing experience matter to you – that sensation of your words flowing naturally from your pen?
  2. Getting that Writing Flow: Can you picture yourself effortlessly jotting down your thoughts on the notepad? Does it offer the responsiveness you’re looking for, with features like pressure sensitivity and palm rejection?
  3. Considering Size: Do you prefer the compact convenience of a pocket-sized device or the larger space of a roomier tablet? How does the size factor into your daily portability needs?
  4. Battery Longevity: Will your notepad keep up with your creativity during those long working hours? How important is a strong battery life to keep your inspiration flowing?
  5. Syncing and Connectivity: Do you want your notes accessible across all your devices? How crucial is seamless syncing through cloud integration for your workflow?
  6. File Formats and Compatibility: Will your notes need to travel across different software and platforms? How much does compatibility with various file formats matter for your note-taking strategy?
  7. Navigating the App Landscape: Can you envision yourself using the companion app easily? How much does the app’s user-friendliness impact your overall digital note-taking experience?
  8. Wireless Possibilities: Do you see the benefits of Wi-Fi or Bluetooth connectivity? How would wireless connections help in sharing your notes across devices?
  9. Exploring Extra Features: Does the potential of additional features entice you? How do functionalities like text-to-speech, handwriting recognition, or direct PDF annotation align with your creative goals?
  10. Budget Realities: What’s your comfort zone when it comes to investing in a digital notepad? How does your budget align with the features you’re looking for?
  11. Learning from Experiences: What do reviews from other users say about the notepad’s real-world performance? How do their experiences influence your decision?
  12. Long-Term Assurance: Can you rely on the manufacturer’s support down the line? How important is having a solid warranty and responsive customer service to your peace of mind?

As you prepare for your purchase, these questions will guide you toward a digital notepad that suits your creativity, productivity, and preferences.

Rocketbook Pro 2.0 Smart Notebook

Best Digital Notepads - Rocktbook Pro

Imagine a notebook that captures your thoughts and champions eco-friendliness and aesthetics.

The Rocketbook Pro is a clever digital notebook combining old-school writing with modern tech. Using the erasable Pilot FriXion pen, you jot down ideas on specialized pages.

These pages can be scanned with the Rocketbook app, which sends your notes to preset destinations like cloud storage or emails based on marked symbols. The erasable ink lets you reuse pages. Plus, an optional NFC hotspot enhances accessibility.

It’s an intelligent blend of tactile writing and seamless digital note-taking.

Are you curious about whether this notebook can truly merge form with function? Let’s explore the merits and considerations of the Rocketbook Pro, a testament to the marriage of traditional craftsmanship and contemporary innovation.


  1. Sleek Design: The Rocketbook Pro’s hardcover, wrapped in vegan leather, exudes sophistication that adds a touch of elegance to your note-taking experience.
  2. Innovative NFC Hotspot: An embedded NFC hotspot leaps the technological boundary, paving the way for seamless digital interactions via compatible devices – a glimpse into the future.
  3. Complete Starter Package: The package arrives fully equipped with essentials: a scratch-resistant Hard Cover, Lined/Dot Grid Page Pack, a Pilot FriXion pen, and a Microfiber Cloth, granting you all you need to start your creative journey.
  4. Erase and Repeat: A standout feature of the Rocketbook Pro is its reusability. Each page can be wiped clean with water, eliminating the need for constant paper replacement and contributing to a greener environment.
  5. Page Pack Variety: The Pro readily adapts to different Page Packs, catering to many needs – from organized planners to blank canvases. Swap them out effortlessly based on your requirements.


  1. Size Constraint: The Rocketbook Pro works optimally with specific-sized Page Packs (Letter Size: 7.8 in x 10.5 in), potentially limiting your options if you have pre-existing Gen 1 letter Page Packs (8.5 in. X 11 in.).
  2. Device Compatibility: While the NFC hotspot is an appealing feature, its usage might be contingent on the compatibility of your devices.

Product information:

Best Digital Notepads - Rocketbook Pro - Product Information

Final thoughts:

Now, would I recommend the purchase of the Rocketbook Pro? Absolutely.

If you’re seeking a blend of finesse, sustainability, and technological prowess, this notebook is the right option.

Consider the few constraints, but if you’re looking for a stylish note-taking accomplice that champions both personal style and the environment, the Rocketbook Pro is a compelling choice.

Kindle Scribe: best eNotebook (Paper display)

Best Digital Notepads - Kindle Scribe

Now, let’s have a look at the Kindle Scribe, where reading and writing feel as natural as pen and paper but with a modern twist.

Imagine the convenience of a 10.2” 300 ppi glare-free Paperwhite display combined with the included Basic Pen. Whether you’re engrossed in a captivating novel or diving into essential documents, the Kindle Scribe ensures a personalized experience with adjustable warm light, auto-adjusting front light, and larger font sizes.

Wondering how it all works? The Kindle Scribe creates an immersive experience by combining a high-resolution display and the included Basic Pen.

You can write notes within your books, and the device organizes them easily. For those professional documents, it allows you to review and annotate files.

Additionally, crafting digital notebooks is a breeze. And with the convenience of extended battery life, your reading and writing sessions remain uninterrupted.

It’s all about effortless reading and efficient note-taking. But like any innovation, there are both pros and cons to consider.


  1. A Familiar Reading and Writing Feel: Ever wished you could read and write digitally without losing the tactile charm of paper? The Kindle Scribe bridges that gap beautifully.
  2. Note-Taking Made Easy: Imagine being able to jot down thoughts right within your ebooks. Thanks to the Basic Pen, this device lets you do just that and even organizes your notes neatly.
  3. Versatility with Documents: Are you tired of switching devices for reading and document handling? The Kindle Scribe allows you to import and review documents, making it a versatile tool for leisure and professional needs.
  4. Craft Your Own Notebooks: Have a creative side that loves making notebooks or journals? The Kindle Scribe lets you create digital versions with various writing tools at your disposal.
  5. Battery Life for Days: How about the convenience of a single USB-C charge lasting for months of reading and weeks of writing? It’s a feature that ensures you’re always ready to go.


  1. Microsoft 365 Requirement: Remember that importing documents from Microsoft Word requires a subscription to Microsoft 365.
  2. Pen’s Limits: While the Basic Pen is handy, those who seek a more advanced stylus experience might find it slightly limiting.
  3. Screen Size Consideration: Depending on your note-taking needs, the 10.2” display might feel a bit restricted.

Product information:

Best Digital Notepads - Kindle Scribe - Product Information

Final thoughts:

If you love reading and need effective note-taking, the Kindle Scribe is a great option. It offers a natural writing feel, versatile features, and a long battery life that compensates for its limitations.

Its seamless transition from reading to note-taking makes it a well-rounded choice that’s definitely worth thinking about.

Boox Note Air 2 10.3 E-Ink Notepad Review

Best Digital Notepads -Book Note Air 2 Plus

Introducing the BOOX Note Air 2 Plus with Magnet ePaper Tablets – a dynamic toolset that’s poised to revolutionize your productivity at work and enrich your personal life.

This device promises a seamless eReading experience while opening up a world of possibilities for note-taking and sketching in various styles.

You’ll quickly notice the impact of the latest BOOX Firmware, which enriches the Note Air 2 E Ink tablets and sets the stage for continuous enhancements through powerful features.

Is the BOOX Note Air 2 Plus a match for you? Are you searching for a device that effortlessly merges the digital and analog worlds for more effective note-taking and sketching? Are you in need of an eReader that transcends the traditional reading experience? The BOOX Note Air 2 Plus offers an intriguing blend of capabilities catering to your productive and leisure pursuits.

However, let’s take a closer look at the advantages and potential drawbacks of this device:


  1. Versatile Digital Tools: Have you ever desired a single device that adapts to your unique note-taking and sketching preferences? The BOOX Note Air 2 Plus has many digital tools to cater to your style.
  2. Elevated Performance: The infusion of the latest BOOX Firmware means you’re not just getting a device with an array of features but also one that’s designed to perform optimally.
  3. Ongoing Optimization: With the promise of continuous firmware updates, the BOOX team ensures that your experience with the Note Air 2 Plus remains seamless and progressively improved.


  1. Learning Curve: Given its diverse features, some users might need time to fully grasp and utilize the device’s potential.
  2. Specialized Use: While the BOOX Note Air 2 Plus offers versatility, its focus on note-taking and sketching might suit individuals who regularly engage in such activities.

Product information:

Best Digital Notepads - Book Note Air 2 Plus - Product information

Final thoughts:

If you’re into advanced eReading and note-taking, the BOOX Note Air 2 Plus is a strong contender. Its versatile digital tools, performance improvements, and constant updates make it an excellent fit for creative professionals and note-takers.

Remember that there might be a learning curve, and it’s better suited for specialized tasks. Still, it’s a worthwhile investment if you’re looking for a device that seamlessly combines analog and digital tasks.

So, if reading and note-taking are your priorities, the BOOX Note Air 2 Plus is definitely worth looking into.

Best for Real Paper: Moleskine Smart Notebook and Pen

Best Digital Notepads - Moleskine Smart Notebook

Meet the Moleskine Smart Writing Set – a fusion of classic and modern tools crafted to transform your note-taking and creative process.

This set includes the Pen+ digital smart pen, a specially designed Paper Tablet with a dotted layout, an ink refill, a USB recharging cable, and a user manual.

With its Code technology, the pen+ meticulously captures every stroke, blending the art of writing on paper, with digital convenience.

How Does It Work? The Pen+ digital smart pen, equipped with Code technology, precisely captures your writing strokes on the specially designed Paper Tablet screen. These analog notes are seamlessly transferred to the companion app, where they metamorphose into digital content. You can edit, organize, share, and even add audio context to your notes, elevating your creative process.

But let’s see what are the pros and cons of the Moleskine smart notebook.


  1. Seamless Analog-to-Digital Transition: Transitioning from page to screen is effortless, thanks to the companion app. Your handwritten notes transform into digital content that’s editable, shareable, and searchable, revolutionizing your organization.
  2. Enhanced Multimedia Experience: Unleash your creativity by recording audio while you take notes. This enriches your ideas, providing context and depth to your content. The app becomes a canvas where visuals and sounds harmonize.
  3. Versatile Moleskine Ecosystem: Moleskine doesn’t stop at notebooks. Their array of digital and analog writing tools and accessories ensures your creative process can flourish across multiple mediums.


  1. App Dependency: The full potential of the Moleskine Smart Writing Set relies on the companion app. If you prefer a more hands-on approach or minimal use of technology, this might not align with your preferences.
  2. Digital Learning Curve: Embracing both digital and traditional writing might require a bit of a learning curve, particularly in effectively utilizing the app’s features.

Product information:

Best Digital Notepads - Moleskine Smart Notebook - Product Information

Final thoughts:

The Moleskine Smart Writing Set caters to the nostalgia of traditional note-taking and the convenience of digital organization.

If you’re open to embracing the synergy of analog and digital realms, this set is a worthy investment.

The blend of tangible writing and digital versatility makes it particularly useful for professionals, students, and creative minds. However, if you prefer a solely analog approach or feel apprehensive about app dependency, you might want to consider your preferences before purchasing.

Boogie Board Backboard Writing Tablet With Stylus Review

Best Digital Notepads - Boogie Backboard

Introducing the Blackboard, an ingenious 8.5″ x 11″ reusable smart notebook designed to enhance your work-from-home or office experience.

Its semi-transparent surface offers the flexibility to seamlessly jot down notes on different templates or markup documents.

Whether you’re a student attending classes or a professional tackling tasks, this app-enabled digital notebook merges handwriting comfort with modern technology.

How Does It Work? The Blackboard’s semi-transparent surface is a versatile canvas for handwritten notes or document markups. Once you’re ready, the Exact-Erase feature lets you erase just like with a pencil. To start anew, a simple button press clears the entire notebook. The magic happens when you scan your notes using the Blackboard app. This transforms your analog notes into digital content that you can further enhance, annotate, and share across various platforms.

But let’s see what to keep in mind when considering this option.


  1. Flexible Workplace Companion: The Blackboard effortlessly transitions between home and office setups, making it a versatile tool for remote work and in-person meetings.
  2. Ideal for Students: A fantastic addition to your college essentials, the Blackboard seamlessly integrates handwritten notes into your digital workflow, whether in the classroom or at home.
  3. Effortless Erasing: With Exact-Erase, clearing your notes is as easy as using an eraser. For a fresh start, a single button press wipes the reusable notebook, ensuring efficient organization.
  4. Seamless Digital Integration: Capture your notes through the Blackboard app and unlock a world of possibilities. From enhancing and annotating to sharing via popular platforms like OneNote, Google Drive, Dropbox, and Evernote, the notebook streamlines your digital journey.


  1. Size Consideration: The 8.5″ x 11″ dimensions might feel limiting for individuals accustomed to larger notebooks or tablet screens.
  2. App Dependency: The full potential of Blackboard relies on the companion app for scanning and digital integration. If you lean towards an entirely analog approach, this might not align with your preferences.

Product information:

Best Digital Notepads - Boogie Backboard - Product information

Final thoughts:

The Blackboard seamlessly combines the feel of handwriting with digital efficiency. It’s a great investment for versatile note-taking in work or studies, especially if you value easy erasing and digital syncing.

However, consider your preferences if you prefer a larger workspace or a fully analog experience. Overall, Blackboard’s fusion of traditional and modern features adds value to your productivity toolbox.

Best for Artists: iskn The Slate 2+ Pencil and Paper Graphic Tablet

Best Digital Notepads - Iskn The Slate 2

Introducing the Slate, a unique tool that infuses the art of traditional drawing with the capabilities of digital technology.

With its innovative removable ring, the Slate empowers you to use your favorite pencils and pens while harnessing digital enhancements.

Whether you opt for sketchpads or any paper up to 0.27 inches thick, the Slate accommodates your creative preferences seamlessly.

How Does It Work? The Slate allows you to create art using your pencils and pens on any paper. Connecting it to your tablet, smartphone, or computer lets you witness your drawings come to life instantly. Alternatively, the screenless mode lets you use the Slate while on the move.

You can elevate your creations with the Repaper Studio app, which offers a variety of tools, including pencils, felt-tip, and airbrush. For those seeking a graphic tablet experience, the Slate integrates effortlessly with desktop drawing software like Adobe Suite and gimp.

But let’s see what else you should consider.


  1. The Best of Both Worlds: The Slate combines the familiarity of traditional drawing tools with the advantages of digital technology, delivering a unique creative experience.
  2. Paper Freedom: Unrestricted by paper type, the Slate adapts to your artistic preferences, accommodating any paper, including sketchpads.
  3. Instant Digital Visualization: Connect the Slate to your devices and witness your art come to life in real time. Screenless mode offers convenience for on-the-go creativity.
  4. Enhance Your Art: The Repaper Studio app amplifies your artistic journey, offering tools like pencils, felt-tip pens, and airbrushes to enrich your creations.
  5. Seamless Graphic Tablet Mode: Transition from traditional drawing to digital seamlessly with graphic tablet mode, compatible with popular desktop software like Adobe Suite and gimp.
  6. Easy Sharing and Exporting: Share your masterpieces on social media platforms and export them in various formats, including PNG, JPG, MP4, PSD, and SVG.


  1. App Reliance: While the Repaper Studio app enhances your artwork, its functionality is subject to app compatibility and updates.
  2. Learning Curve: Shifting from traditional drawing to a hybrid experience might require a learning curve, especially when using desktop drawing software.

Product information:

Best Digital Notepads - Iskn The Slate 2 - Product information

Final thoughts:

For artists intrigued by blending traditional and digital art, the Slate is a fantastic choice. It pairs your pencils and pens with the best digital paper tablet and enhancements via the Repaper Studio app. Its paper versatility and real-time visualization are appealing. J

Just be ready for a slight learning curve. If you’re after a tool that effortlessly combines traditional and digital artistry, the Slate is worth the investment for enhancing your creativity.

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What Is a Digital Notepad?

A digital notepad is an electronic device designed to emulate the function of a traditional paper notepad. It enables users to take digital notes, sketches, or drawings.

In contrast to paper-based alternatives, electronic writing pads offer the advantage of unlimited digital pages. Notes can be organized, rearranged, highlighted, and deleted without worrying about making mistakes.

Gone are the days of fretting over errors or cluttered notes!

Guide to Choosing a Digital Notepad

Selecting the ideal digital notepad can pose a challenge. Are you content with a hybrid of paper and digital features, or do you seek a wholly digital experience?

Finding a notepad that aligns with your unique needs and preferences is key.

I’ve evaluated top digital notebooks based on essential features that are significant for my specific usage, outlined in the table below:

Best Digital Notepads - Feature of digital notepad

FeatureImportance: ScreenSize, type, resolution, backlight adjustabilityStylusPressure and tilt sensitivity, ergonomic design battery LifeMinimum several hours, quick charging capabilityPriceCompetitive pricing, availability

Screen and Display: The display holds paramount importance in a digital notepad. Look for a device featuring a high-resolution screen with adjustable backlight settings to ensure comfortable usage for your eyes. Additionally, consider the display size: larger displays provide more writing and drawing space, while smaller ones enhance portability.

Stylus and Writing Experience: A quality digital notepad should include a responsive stylus that facilitates natural and fluid writing or drawing. Factors like pressure sensitivity for precision, tilt sensitivity for shading, and a comfortable grip and design should be considered.

Battery Life: Optimal battery life is indispensable for a device that’s meant for regular use. Opt for devices offering several days of continuous operation. Quick charging capabilities can also prove advantageous, particularly for on-the-go charging needs.

Benefits of Using a Digital Notepad If you’ve never contemplated using an all-electronic notebook or notepad, here are some benefits to consider:

Organization: Digital notepads assist in keeping your notes systematically organized. This is especially beneficial for professionals and entrepreneurs who manage multiple tasks.

Portability: Carrying digital notes trumps the inconvenience of traditional paper. With wireless cloud synchronization, you can access your notes wherever and whenever needed.

Space and Clutter Reduction: Digital notepads save space, particularly for those prone to accumulating various paper items. Bid farewell to scattered papers, post-it notes, and scattered books—everything finds its place in one cohesive digital hub.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. What are the advantages of using a digital notepad compared to traditional paper notebooks?

Digital notepads offer a significant advantage by providing an endless virtual space for note-taking without worrying about running out of paper. They also offer features like easy organization, searchability, and editing, all while eliminating the fear of making mistakes or wasting paper.

2. Can I write using my own handwriting on a digital notepad?

Absolutely! Most digital notepads support handwriting input using a stylus or pen. This means you can write naturally and authentically, similar to how you would on traditional paper. Additionally, many devices include advanced features like pressure sensitivity and tilt recognition to replicate different writing tools.

3. Do digital notepads need frequent charging, and how long does the battery last?

Yes, digital notepads usually require charging. Battery life varies depending on the specific device and how you use it. Some models offer several days or weeks of usage on a single charge. Many devices now come with quick charging options, which is handy when you need to charge up quickly.

4. Can I convert my handwritten notes into digital text?

Definitely! Many digital notepads come with software or apps that can transform your handwritten notes into digital text using Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology. This makes your notes searchable and easily shareable in a digital format, adding an extra layer of convenience.

5. Can I share my digital notes with others from a digital notepad?

Absolutely. Digital notepads often integrate with popular cloud services now, allowing you to sync your notes across different devices and share them with others. You can also export your notes in various formats such as PDF or image files, making it simple to collaborate or share your work with colleagues, classmates, or friends.

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